Custom-brand your APEX Coolers for style and security

Sure, your APEX Cooler will look great with your company logo printed on the lid, but it adds more than style and marketing factor. We’ve introduced custom branding to our APEX Cooler System to add an extra layer of security and identity to your cooler.

By printing your logo on your APEX Cooler, you’re, well, branding it as your own — just as you would with livestock. And, just as it does with livestock, that brand will deter thieves from trying to steal it because it’s hard to resell someone else’s branded property.

To customize your cooler, our team employs a specialized, flatbed 4-color digital printer using UV-resistant ink to print the logo directly onto the lid — so it’s not just a decal that someone could easily remove. Plus there are multiple locations on the lid of the Apex Cooler for branding — for example, print your logo in the raised “Print Area” and your company’s website or tag line in the “Trough Area.” So, to sum it up, adding your logo to the lid of your APEX Cooler can add some style and recognition and also give you an additional layer of security to company property.