• What’s a rotomolded cooler?

    APEX Coolers are made using a process called rotational molding (rotomolding). Liquid polyethylene plastic is poured into a mold to create seamless inner and exterior walls with a hollow center. Without any connecting joints, the body of the cooler is super tough and can easily withstand extreme rough-and-tumble wear. Three inches of polyurethane foam insulation are then pressure injected between the cooler walls—ensuring your beverages and food stay perfectly chilled thanks to maximum ice retention.

  • Can I buy a cooler without system attachments?

    Yes, but you won’t experience the full benefit of the APEX system with a cooler alone. The beauty of the APEX Cooler System is that all of our coolers and racks are sold individually, giving you maximum flexibility—whether you need an A20, A45, A75 or all three sizes. Our Hitch Rack and Bed Rack are also sold individually, and designed to free up interior vehicle space and transport your cooler securely wherever you go.

  • What kind of surface will an APEX Bed Rack attachment fit on?

    APEX Bed Racks are designed for the bed of a pickup, commercial truck or truck flatbed.

  • What kind of hitch is compatible with an APEX Hitch Rack?

    APEX Hitch Racks are designed to fit any standard 2” receiver hitch. Depending on the vehicle, a hitch extension may be necessary.

  • Does the cooler system work with other brands of coolers?

    APEX coolers and attachments are designed to only work with each other. Our proprietary system of Hitch Racks and Bed Racks exclusively fit within the grooved sides of APEX coolers.


  • How do I install the attachment?

    Download our step-by-step instructions to get started:

  • How well do APEX Coolers perform?

    APEX Coolers are designed for maximum ice retention. Our coolers perform as well as, or better than, premium coolers.


  • How can I become an Authorized Dealer?

    Simply email info@apexcoolers.com to get started.

  • How can I get replacement parts?

    We want you to be completely happy with your APEX Cooler System. If something breaks, don’t hesitate to contact us at (888) 403-APEX (2739) or email info@apexcoolers.com for prompt assistance.

  • What is APEX’s warranty policy?

    A 5-year limited warranty is included on parts (except for powder coating) that fail due to a manufacturing defect. Please email info@apexcoolers.com for more information.