The Apex Of Quality:



Durability and quality aren’t just things you’ve come to expect — they’re things you need. Whether you’re on the job or going for a weekend at the deer lease, you need gear that’s going to stand up to some real punishment — the elements, your crews, even your kids.

Enter the APEX Cooler System. Every element of the system is built with quality in mind. Our Bed Rack is made with a patented integration system and features 4mm carbon steel mounting plates, stainless steel Wings, an adjustable stainless steel Latch and a stainless steel Latch Cover. In addition to being an accessible and secure system, you can rest easy knowing it’ll take an act of God to damage this beast.

But we didn’t stop there. What’s the point of a cooler mounting system if you don’t have the highest quality cooler to protect? Our one-piece rotomolded coolers are built to exceed your expectations. They stand up against any other top-performing coolers in the market, keeping your ice, food and drinks cold — and last a lifetime in the process.

With coolers at the peak of performance and a system built with the highest quality materials possible, our products are designed to stay secure and accessible for the long haul.