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Introducing the Apex Side Rack System; Revolutionizing the Way You Chill! Are you tired of running into or dealing with messy ice chests on the ground during your outdoor adventures? Say goodbye to the hassle and welcome the Apex Side Rack System into your life! Our innovative product is designed to elevate your ice chest experience by allowing you to store your Apex A20 cooler off the ground on almost any 1”, 2” or 3” vertical pipe.

Key Features:

1. Space Saving Design: The Side Rack's vertical storage capability means you can reclaim valuable floor space, making it perfect for cramped campgrounds, tailgates, or cattle pens.

2. No More Bending Over: No one likes constantly bending over to grab a drink or snack. The Side Rack puts everything at eye (or horseback) level, ensuring easy access to your chilled beverages, snacks, or animal medications without the backache.

3. Sturdy and Secure: Engineered with durable materials, the Side Rack provides a stable and secure platform for your ice chest. No need to worry about accidental spills or tipping – your cooler is in safe hands. In addition, having another flat and elevated
surface around your working pen, roping arena, or deer camp is very handy.

4. Quick and Easy Installation: Setting up the Side Rack is a breeze! With a user-friendly design and all the necessary hardware included, you'll be enjoying the benefits of
elevated cooler storage in no time.

5. Weather Resistant: The Side Rack is built to withstand the elements, ensuring your
Apex A20 stays dry and your beverages stay cool, no matter the weather.
Upgrade your outdoor experience with the Apex Side Rack System – because your adventure deserves a cooler solution! Say goodbye to the inconvenience of ground-level coolers and hello to a new era of convenience and accessibility. Get your Side Rack today and keep things cool wherever your adventures take you!

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