The apex of security: introducing the first securable cooler system

The apex of security: introducing the first securable cooler system

The apex of security:

Introducing the First Securable Cooler System

You’re juggling multiple fleets, job sites and projects — and the last thing you need is to worry about your coolers getting stolen. That’s why we built the APEX Cooler System, the first fully securable cooler system compatible with your vehicle.

What’s the point of investing in a high-quality, durable cooler if it’s just going to get stolen out of your truck bed while your crew is working a job? Coolers are built for convenience, and you need something your team can rely on. Something that keeps your workers hydrated, productive and safe.

The APEX Bed Rack is perfect for a truck bed, flatbed, equipment platform, construction slab or any flat surface — and your cooler stays put until you unlock it.

Your Current Scenario

Right now, your team is stuck with:

  • Keeping an eye on the cooler at all times
  • Ensuring it’s locked in the cab or carried indoors when they’re not around
  • Messing with chains and padlocks

At best, they’re spending valuable time worrying about something that should be convenient. At worst, you’re out one cooler and the crew isn’t able to stay well-hydrated on the job site.

Your Dream Scenario

Let’s imagine a better solution: you install a Bed Rack into each truck bed in your fleet. Your crew locks their A45 or A75 APEX Cooler into place, and that’s it. Thieves are shut down. You have nothing to worry about.

With the APEX Cooler System, the Bed Rack secures your cooler from both sides — avoiding "fishtailing" while moving — and your drain plug remains accessible, so the cooler can stay locked in for easy draining. The Bed Rack mounts flat to the bed of your truck and is designed to be inconspicuous when you are not carrying your APEX Cooler, making it easy to load things like Sheetrock, pipe, palletized freight, etc., in the truck bed without interference. The APEX Cooler System is part of your truck when you need it — and out of sight, out of mind when you don’t.

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